Passive Income Leader Board

The following table will show you the monthly report from the Passive Income guru around the world. They are quite inspiring. The information below are subject to change. If you found any information below is misleading, please contact us, we will change it accordingly as soon as possible. We will strive to make the information up to date.

Please note some monthly income report are from a single site and it doesn’t reflect the total income the person has.

NameCountryIncome($)Last Month($)
Pat FlynnAmerica116,757.3961,101.77
Spencer HawsAmerica649.87407.30
Mathew WoodwardUK6,688.129,366.19
A Couple TravelersAmerica152559920
Tom EwerUK6,150.248,887.00
Tung TranVienam575.621080.78
Linsay and BjorkAmerica7084.58673.27




Compare Bluehost and Justhost

bluehost and justhost compare
bluehost and justhost compare

This post is based on my real experience with Bluehost and Justhost.I had been with Justhost for 3 years. But I am going to cancel my account and change it over to Bluehost.

Three things I don’t like Justhost. One is they increase price very year after they use cheap price to get you in. Second, they have down time now and again. Third, it doesn’t support WordPress very well.

Justhost’s price is similar to Bluehost. But to be honest, there are not much difference in term of features provided by Bluehost and Justhost. Regarding to server performance, you won’t expect much difference as well for any hosting package costs under 10 dollars per month.Bluehost seems to support WordPress better than Justhost. Bluehost is also recommended by WordPress.

One thing I do like Justhost is they give me a free domain as long as I stay with me and their support guys are fairly helpful. The support from Bluehost is quite good as well. One thing impressed me is they are very strict with anyone trying to upload files with virus.

Last month someone from the same ISP IP uploaded a file with virus, which banned anyone trying to access the cpanel which includes myself. I have to go through their help desk to have myself removed from the black list. It is annoying to go though this process. However it is good way to protect other people’s website from getting infected.

Some people may argue that so many websites hosting in one server,the performance must be bad. Well it is true to some degree if your website has more than 1000 visit every day. In this case you need to move to a dedicated sever or VPS ( Virtual Private Server). For most websites, they don’t normally have very high traffic. You won’t see much difference in terms of performance.

Also, it comes down to the price as well. You don’t want to overpay your web hosting for unnecessary performance. It is like you don’t need Roger Federra’s tennis racket to learn playing tennis. Hope this makes sense.

If you have any questions, drop me a line, I am very happy to help.

Working with PHPAuction

PHPAuction used to be open source online auction system. But now it becomes a fairly expensive product. A client asked me for help to fix his auction website. He paid someone from oversea to install and modify the system. But it ends up with a mess. He kept paying for this guy to make changes. Eventually he gave up and turned to me. The system he bought from is actually the open source version of PHPAuction which is very buggy. I spent a lot of time to understand the code. A lot of rubbish in the code and many things do make sense. Also it lacks of documentation and support. When you try to google PHPAuction, you won’t find a lot of useful resource. After battle with the bugs for almost two months, finally I get a sense how the system work. But it still a long way to make it perfect.